24.03.2013 | The Guardian / Observer

Cyprus crisis

Cyprus crisis: Germans tire of paying bill for eurozone's financial failures

"There would be no rescue package without German guarantees, but it's precisely us Germans who are confronted with criticism – indeed, bare-faced hatred," said Hugo Müller-Vogg, a leading commentator at Germany's best-selling redtop, arguing that Germans had been made the "scapegoats" of Europe.

Vogg listed the insults that he said Germans had faced in recent days as the crisis over the Cypriot bailout grew, including "the chancellor vilified with a Hitler moustache" on campaign posters in Nicosia and "German flags being ripped down" from the German embassy. "We Germans are guilty for all the misery," he wearily paraphrased.

Germans know the rest of Europe is well aware of their country's strong, history-driven sense of obligation towards the EU. But there has been a feeling growing for some time in Berlin that others are taking advantage. The consequent sentiment is summed up by Vogg. "If it wasn't for the future of Europe, there would only be one suitable answer: lie in your own muck."

The Guardian/Observer, 24. März 2013